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True north aligner

Fiber-optic gyrocompass for seismometer true North alignment


  • Free of export

  • GNSS denied environment compatible

  • Fast settling time

  • Maintenance and calibration free

  • 5-year warranty

Seistans is a fully strapdown gyrocompass that provides very accurate heading and attitude. With its light weight and small size, it is the optimal solution for seismic sensors alignment that guarantees high precision and reliability for seismologists’ measurements.

Seistans is dedicated to instrument orientation measurement on the field, providing its accuracy even if GNSS is denied, and it comes with a full option suite to fit any specific case to transfer the North line to your instrument. Moreover, as scientist’s playground is the whole Earth, Seistans is export free!

From 6C stations to large arrays, modern seismic analysis are more demanding on orientation accuracy and must rely on a high-quality system that gives the absolute reference for true North alignment.



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