Seistans S3

Seistans S3

- Free of export

- Heading accuracy : 0.23 deg RMS secant latitude <=> 0.7 deg Maximum secant latitude

- GNSS blind compatible


Seistans is a fully strapdown gyrocompass that provides accurate heading and attitude. With its light weight and small size, it is the optimal solution for seismic sensors alignment that guarantees high precision and reliability for seismologists’ measurements.

From 6C stations to large arrays, current seismic analysis (seismic wave polarization, array-derived rotation, etc.) are more demanding and must rely on a high-quality system that gives the absolute reference for true North alignment

Dynamic & static performances


Heading accuracy (1) (2)

0.23 deg RMS secant latitude    

0.7 deg Maximum secant latitude

Roll/pitch accuracy (2)

0.5 deg RMS

Settling time

< 30 mn (all conditions), 0.7 deg in 15 mn

Operating range/environment



0 to +360 deg/±180 deg/±90 deg


+/- 85 deg

Dynamic range        

250 deg/s

Operating/storage temperature

-20°C to 55° C /-40°C to 80°C

Ingress protection  




Inputs (3)

2 inputs serial or Ethernet

1 configuration port

Outputs (3)

2 outputs serial and/or Ethernet

Pulse port

4 inputs and 2 outputs, 5V (TTL Level)

Input/output formats               

Industry standards: NMEA 0183, ASCII, BINARY

Data output rate

0,1 Hz to 200 Hz

Power supply

12 VDC (11 to 30 VDC)

Power consumption

10 W