EGU 2020, Vienna


Imaging the Walter Munk lake: Sedimentary dynamics and water resurgence derived from high-resolution seismic reflection survey in Lake Altaussee (Salzkammergut, Austrian Alps) Bouchard Alban, Guillaume Jouve, Damien Leloup, Philippe Alain, and Emmanuel Chapron Fri, 08 May, 08:30–10:15 | D1116 See the presentation | Post a comment Listening the Womb of the Earth: iXblue sonars, transponder & rotational seismometers for extreme environment imaging & monitoring Guillaume Jouve, Frédéric Guattari, Théo Laudat, Nathalie Olivier, Hubert Pelletier, Maurizio Ripepe, Heiner Igel, Joachim Wassermann, Felix Bernauer, Thomas Braun, Corentin Caudron, and Marc-André Gutscher Wed, 06 May, 16:15–18:00 | D994 See the presentation | Post a comment Rotation and Strain Instrument Performance Tests with Active Seismic Sources Felix Bernauer, Joachim Wassermann, Katrin Behnen, Heiner Igel, Stefanie Donner, Pascal Edme, David Sollberger, Patrick Paitz, Jonas Igel, Gizem Izgi, Eva P.S. Eibl, Stefan Buske, Christian Veress, Frederic Guattari, Olivier Sebe, Basil Brunner, Anna T. Kurzych, Piotr Bonkovsky, Piotr Bobra, and Johana Brokesova and the Fürstenfeldbruck Experiment Team Wed, 06 May, 16:15–18:00 | D1637 See the presentation | Post a comment