Rotation as a new observable in seismology

When the ground shakes, it not only translates (up-down, sideways) but also undergoes rotational motions (yaw, pitch and roll). To fully characterize seismic sources and wave fields, it is necessary to measure both the translational and rotational movements of the ground.
However, until now, this was not possible simply, locally and directly. Long-awaited by seismologists throughout the world, blueSeis’ new sensors truly revolutionize the seismology market by allowing a complete measurement of a seismic wave.

Frédéric Guattari, Head of blueSeis product line


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iXblue stands as a global leader in the design and manufacturing of innovative solutions for navigation, positioning, geophysical and acoustic imaging markets. The French Group offers its unique advanced technology solutions to its defense & civil customers to address increased challenges and carry out their maritime, land and space operations with optimum efficiency and safety.


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iXblue is recognized throughout the industry for its pioneering work on the development of fiber-optic gyroscope (FOG) technology which has revolutionized the maritime and naval inertial systems in the last decade, providing unequalled performance and cost of ownership benefits. Underpinned by 30 years of expertise, iXblue is currently achieving annual growth of 15–20%, with 80% of its business conducted in over 35 countries worldwide. The Group can count on full value-chain expertise: all of its systems are developed internally, from design to manufacturing.

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The unique technologies developed by iXblue have found a variety of fields of application, continuously opening up new opportunities for innovation. Through a series of scientific breakthroughs, iXblue has forged a unique identity to become a group with global reach and multiple areas of innovative know-how.​

iXblue technology is at work everywhere from the ocean depths - 11,000 meters under the sea – to outer space - some 1.5 million kilometers above the Earth.



blueSeis, a revolution in the history of geosciences

Through its blueSeis product line, iXblue offers to the seismology market, unique and reliable solutions that are pushing back the boundaries and opening up a broad field of possibilities. With blueSeis, iXblue now gives to geosciences the possibility to explore rotational ground motions.






Portable, 3-component rotational seismometer


  • Broadband (DC to 50 Hz)

  • Low noise (< 25 nrad/s/√Hz from 0.01 to 50 Hz)

  • High dynamic range 0.5 rad/s

Plug & Play

  • Easy to deploy

  • No calibration needed

  • Maintenance-free

  • Digital technology

  • GNSS time stamping

  • miniSEED format

  • Web interface

  • DC absolute rotation rate


  • No translational sensitivity

  • Negligible cross coupling (< 60 dB)

  • True North finding function

Product specification


rotational seismometer


  • Very wide broadband (DC to 200 Hz)

  • Extremely low noise (5 nrad/s/√Hz from 0.001 to 200 Hz)

  • Cold sensor head: < 1 mW dissipated in sensor head

  • ø: 40 cm

  • High dynamic range 0.1 rad/s


Key features & Benefits

  • Industrial field-proven product

  • Attractive price/performance ratio

  • Mountable & removable

  • 2 electric box options:

- For 1 sensor: 4 W

- For up to 3 sensors: 6 W


(Preliminary specifications)

Product specification


True North seismometer alignment kit


  • Heading accuracy: 

    • 0.23 deg RMS secant latitude

    • 0.7 deg MAX secant latitude

  • Operating temp.:  - 20 to 55°C


  • Compact and plug & play

  • All in one ! Optical Gyrocompass + Roll & Pitch

  • Embedded MMI

  • Full option suite to transfer the North line


  • Free of export

  • GNSS denied environment compatible

  • Fast settling time

  • Maintenance and calibration free

  • 5-year warranty

Rotation as a new observable


free of export


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Field missions

blueSeis on the field: applications and missions

The blueSeis’ team conducts many evaluation missions, over the world in collaboration with partners, to demonstrate the blueSeis’s measurement capabilities on seismology and volcanology, ground tomography, infrastructure monitoring and so on.




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